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Handgun 101 (Men/Women)  $145

Saturday December 2nd 9am-2pm+ (FULL)

For Men & Women with Lead Instructors: Ray Jula / Emily Monroe.
This course is 1 session.  (Classroom and Range Instruction).
All firearms,ammunition, eye & ear protection INCLUDED.

Municipal or Civilian Active Shooter Preparedness - Groups

Contact us for information and rates for your business, group, or department for basic and advanced techniques to mitigate the threat of an active shooter situation.

Elements of the Defensive Mindset (Women 15yr+)  $49ea

Train your mind to not allow your body to become a victim.  Winter.

Newport NH, Location TBD  (Reservations Required)

Catered Event Including.  ($100 for groups of 3)

Handgun Skillbuilder (201) - Range Drills  $125

Saturday October 28th 9:00am - 3:00pm (Emily Monroe, Ray Jula)

Building on Handgun 101 you'll hone your skills by participating in target shooting exercises.  Trained range safety officers and certified instructors will create a fun and safe high quality educational environment for all attendees.  Approximate 300rd course of fire.  Your firearms & ammo.

Self Defense - Concealed Carry 1 (Men & Women)  $95 

Saturday November 18th  4:30pm-8:30pm (Ray Jula) (FULL)

Practical information and skill building session for self defense from would-be predators/attackers.  This is a "hands-on" course for those serious about the safety of themselves and others. Information, Proven Tactics & Practice - Don't miss this course!

NRA Range Safety Officer Certification  $95

Sunday November 5th 9am-3pm

Become an NRA Certified Range Safety Officer

Ladies Handgun 101   $145

Saturday Dec 9th 9am-2pm+

For Women Only w/ World Class Lead Instructor:  Emily Monroe.

This course is 1 extended session.  (Classroom and Range Instruction).

All fireams,ammunition, eye & ear protection INCLUDED. 


First Aid / Combat Medic

Hunter's Education

Long Range Rifle

Tactical Shotgun